Why Augem improved drying oven melt-blown cloth mold oven is favored

The improved DGG series high temperature box blast box also has a good performance in the melt-blown fabric manufacturers during the anti-epidemic period. In fact, no matter in the field of experimental testing, our Aozhen equipment is playing its role.

Why did melt-blown cloth factory choose Augem DGG series drying oven?


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The DGG high temperature blast drying oven is an improved special oven for meltblown fabric die heads. It has won the favor of major meltblown fabric manufacturers due to its small size, no fluorine, environmental protection, low noise, good materials and easy operation. During the epidemic, the virus spread, and masks became an essential protection tool when going out. Their shipments were in short supply at the beginning. Manufacturers could only work overtime and overtime. Most of them used meltblown cloth as raw materials. Most meltblown fabric manufacturers are used for baking, cleaning and other operations.

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Material of melt blown cloth mold oven

The inner tank is made of mirror stainless steel. For the convenience of use, the height of the partition can also be adjusted freely;
The shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is antistatic sprayed;
After testing, the glass fiber cotton insulation material is used between the studio and the shell to effectively reduce heat loss
The door seal is made of ceramic fiber, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, anti-aging, long service life, and will not affect the efficiency of the equipment under long-term high temperature operation
The hot air circulation system is composed of a low-noise fan and a closed channel. The fan uses a multi-blade centrifugal fan, which continuously circulates to form heat recirculation, effectively ensuring the uniform temperature in the working room.

Can be used with equipment:

Intelligent program controller
RS485 interface and communication software

Simplified operation steps to improve work efficiency

Specific parameters

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Power supply voltage: A220V 50Hz ~ AC380V 50Hz (different parameters for different models)

Temperature range: RT + 20 ~ 400 ℃ ~ 500 ℃

Nominal volume: 30L, 70L, 140L, 240L, optional (you can also support customized parameters)

Studio size: can be customized

Shanghai Augem specializes in manufacturing and developing all kinds of drying and cultivating instruments. It is involved in fields, colleges and universities, manufacturing enterprises, laboratories, laboratories, aquatic products, agriculture, health care, environmental protection and other fields.

The equipment includes various types of drying ovens, incubators, muffle furnaces, water baths, electric heating plates, constant temperature ovens, constant humidity ovens, etc. Due to the company's integration of production R & D and processing, do we have customer service requirements and quality assurance? Huanlai call for consultation!

Why is the modified version of Augem drying oven melt-blown cloth mold oven favored?

Most of the manufacturers have maintained a cooperative relationship with Aozhen. Based on the purpose of quality and service, they have won the trust of the manufacturers. New customers use our equipment and use it well. They also choose to continue cooperation. DGG series of melt-blown mold ovens are on sale. So far, its usage, operation, and quality are well received by users. So this device is favored.

Augem Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has improved a melt-blown cloth mold oven for almost every equipment. Wide selection, reasonable price, no worry about after-sales


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